BWOUH468 | Aluminum Foil Oval Turkey Pan
Size: 468*340*85mm
Weight: 68g
Capacity: 7200ml
BWIUH445 | Oval Aluminum Foil Pan For Serving
Size: 445*355*80mm
Weight: 68g
Capacity: 6600ml
BWRUG525D | Full Size Deep Aluminum Foil Container
Size: 525*328*80mm
Weight: 122g
Capacity: 9800ml
BWRUF525M | Full Size Medium Aluminum Foil Steam Pan
Size: 525*328*54mm
Weight: 107g
Capacity: 6780ml
BWRUE525S | Full Size Shallow Aluminum Steam Table Foil Pan
Size: 525*328*44mm
Weight: 101g
Capacity: 5540ml
BWRUG325D | Half Size Deep Aluminum Foil Pan
Size: 325*262*63mm
Weight: 37g
Capacity: 3500ml
BWRUF325M | Half Size Medium Aluminum Foil Steam Pan
Size: 325*262*53mm
Weight: 34g
Capacity: 2960ml
BWRUE325S | Half Size Shallow Aluminum Foil Steam Table Pan
Size: 325*262*40mm
Weight: 31g
Capacity: 2260ml
BWRUG458 | China Square Aluminum Foil Container with Full Curl
Size: 458*337*65mm
Weight: 79g
Capacity: 7000ml
BWRUD450 | Aluminum Foil Kitchen Cookie Baking Pan
Size: 450*330*31mm
Weight: 71g
Capacity: 3500ml
BWRUF395 | Rectangular Aluminum Foil Pan For Food Packaging
Size: 395*340*55mm
Weight: 56g
Capacity: 3500ml
BWRUE342 | Square Aluminum Foil Oven Safe Disposable Container
Size: 342*250*50mm
Weight: 29g
Capacity: 3040ml
BWRFF327 | Square Disposable Aluminum Foil Container for Food Packaging
Size: 327*248*58mm
Weight: 30g
Capacity: 3200ml
BWRUE325 | Full Curl Aluminum Foil Container with Dome Lid
Size: 325*257*45mm
Weight: 30g
Capacity: 2700ml
BWRUK324 | Deep Aluminum Foil Container
Size: 324*264*102mm
Weight: 54g
Capacity: 5250ml
BWRUD322 | Food Grade Aluminum Foil Container for Food Preparing
Size: 322*263*38mm
Weight: 27g
Capacity: 3500ml