BWSC5516 | Disposable Aluminum Foil Container with Paper Board Lid
Size: 255*190*49/56mm
Weight: 16g
Capacity: 1800ml
BWSC5222 | Disposable Aluminum Foil Container for Barbecue Set
Size: 320*215*50/58mm
Weight: 23g
Capacity: 3000ml
BWSC7817 | BBQ Set Disposable Aluminum Foil Container
Size: 250*135*67/75mm
Weight: 16g
Capacity: 1500ml
BWSC85831 | Disposable Aluminum Foil Serving Container
Size: 320*265*50/60mm
Weight: 27g
Capacity: 3700ml
BWSP90010 | Disposable Aluminum Foil Container Food Packaging
Size: 220*159*37/43mm
Weight: 11g
BWSP90011 | 2lb Aluminum Foil Oblong Pan
Size: 220*115*54/61mm
Weight: 10.5g
Capacity: 900ml
BWSP4006 | 6" Square Aluminum Foil Container for BBQ Set
Size: 158*158*38mm
Weight: 6g
Capacity: 400ml
BWSP10012 | Hot Sell Aluminum Foil Container for Disposable Packaging
Size: 225*175*35/43mm
Weight: 11g
Capacity: 940ml
BWSC8808 | Made in China Aluminum Foil Container for Food Packaging
Size: 210*142*35/42mm
Weight: 6g
Capacity: 800ml
BWSP7255 | Deep Disposable Aluminum Foil Container
Size: 330*260*100mm
Weight: 55g
Capacity: 5000ml
BWSP9009 | Disposable Aluminum Foil Pan for Cookie Baking
Size: 221*150*25mm
Weight: 9g
Capacity: 900ml
BWSP13022 | Kosher Food Grade Aluminum Foil Oblong Pan
Size: 286*170*37mm
Weight: 22g
BWSC5510 | 1000ml Full Curl Aluminum Foil Container with Dome Lid
Size: 188*172*52mm
Weight: 10g
Capacity: 1000ml
BWHB5332L | Full Size Aluminum Foil Steam Table Container Lid
Size: 535*342*23mm
Weight: 52g
Full Size Lid
BWHB5332 | Full Size Deep Aluminum Foil Steam Table Container
Size: 528*325*82mm
Capacity: 9600ML
Full Size